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Belmont Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier, located along the picturesque coast of Long Beach, serves as a cherished landmark dedicated to those who served the country. Constructed in 1968 and rebuilt after a fire in 1999, this 1,600 ft long pier, originally built over concrete rubbles that now form a natural reef, has become a focal point for recreational activities, especially fishing.Historical BackgroundThe construction of Belmont Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier in 1968 marked a significant addition to the coastal attractions of Long Beach. Built primarily for recreational purposes, the pier quickly became a local favorite for both fishing enthusiasts and families looking for a scenic getaway. The structure was built above concrete rubble, providing an artificial reef that enhances marine life in the area. Despite suffering damage from a fire in 1999, which led to its temporary closure, the pier was restored and continues to be managed by California State Parks.Fishing at Belmont Veterans Memorial PierThe pier’s structure and its surrounding waters offer a conducive environment for a variety of fish species, making it a popular spot for anglers:1. **Calico Bass (Kelp Bass)**: These are attracted to the kelp and rocky areas around the pier. Anglers use lures or live bait such as squid or anchovies to catch them.2. **Mackerel**: Frequent the waters around the pier, especially during the warmer months. They are typically caught using shiny lures or small pieces of bait on a sabiki rig.3. **Halibut**: Found along the sandy bottom areas, these fish are best targeted with live bait like sardines or artificial lures that mimic small fish.4. **Sand Bass**: These can be caught using similar techniques to calico bass, with live bait and lures both effective.5. **Surfperch**: Available near the surf line, anglers can use worms, shrimp, or synthetic grubs to attract these fish.6. **Leopard Sharks**: Often found in deeper waters around the pier, best caught with mackerel or squid.7. **Sturgeon**: Although less common, sturgeon can be caught using heavier tackle with baits like anchovies or shrimp.8. **Crabs**: Crabbing is also popular, with enthusiasts using crab nets baited with chicken or fish to catch rock and Dungeness crabs.Recreational and Social SignificanceApart from being a prime fishing location, Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier offers various recreational opportunities. It hosts live music events and serves as an ideal location for family gatherings and celebrations, adding to its community value. The pier provides stunning views of the Long Beach coastline and is a popular spot for strolling and enjoying the serene marine environment.Environmental Impact and ConservationThe pier’s design, incorporating concrete rubble to create a natural reef, plays a significant role in promoting marine biodiversity. This structure supports various marine life forms, which in turn attract a diversity of fish, enhancing both the ecological balance and the fishing prospects.ConclusionBelmont Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier stands as a testament to Long Beach’s commitment to preserving its maritime heritage while offering rich opportunities for recreational fishing and community gatherings. As a symbol of honor to veterans and a haven for fishing enthusiasts, the pier remains an integral part of the local landscape, promoting conservation, recreation, and education for visitors and residents alike.


35 39th Pl, Long Beach, CA 90803, USA


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OPEN DAILY: 5:30 AM – 12:00 AM

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FREE ADMISSION PARKING FEE: $0.5 per hour (10 hour limit)

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Fish Caught

Shovelnose, Thornbacks, Squids, Mackerel, Queenfish, Bonito, Barracuda, Guitarfish, Spiny Dogfish, Topsmelt, Pompano, Small Perch, Yellowfin Croaker

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35 39th Pl, Long Beach, CA 90803, USA

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