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The pier is officially closed April 8 2023 at the end due to storm damage that took out several of the support structures.  The city owns that end of the pier and is in charge of the repair.  It has started the process of identifying how to restore the pier, but if it is anything like most of the damaged pier timelines it will be years before anything happens.Crystal Pier, officially opened in 1927, has been a beloved landmark along the Pacific Beach coastline for nearly a century. Known for its unique lodging at the Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages, which were established in 1930, this pier provides both local and visiting anglers with a picturesque and convenient fishing location where no license is required.Historical BackgroundCrystal Pier’s origin dates back to 1927 when it was first introduced as a public space for fishing and leisure. Over the years, it has become a symbol of the Pacific Beach area, attracting visitors with its charming cottages that offer guests the rare experience of sleeping over the ocean.Fishing at Crystal PierThe fishing experience at Crystal Pier is enhanced by its structure and location. Extending into the productive waters of the Pacific Ocean, the pier allows anglers access to a variety of fish species:1. **Surfperch**: These are commonly caught close to shore around the pilings. Anglers typically use small hooks baited with worms or synthetic grubs.2. **California Halibut**: Targeting halibut involves using live bait like anchovies or artificial lures that mimic small fish, usually fished along the sandy bottom.3. **Mackerel**: A frequent catch at Crystal Pier, mackerel can be caught using shiny lures or multi-hook rigs.4. **Bonito**: During their season, bonito can be targeted with feathered jigs or small shiny lures trolled through the water.5. **Lobster**: While not a fish, lobsters can be trapped near the pier, especially during the lobster season, using baited cages.Recreational and Leisure ActivitiesAside from fishing, Crystal Pier offers numerous other recreational opportunities. During the day, visitors are welcome to stroll along the pier, enjoy the ocean views, and watch surfers navigate the waves below. The pier also serves as an excellent spot for observing breathtaking sunsets, making it a popular destination for photographers and nature lovers.Exclusive Nighttime AccessOne of the unique aspects of Crystal Pier is its nighttime access restriction. After sunset, the pier is exclusively reserved for hotel guests, allowing them a peaceful and private evening above the gentle ocean waves. This feature not only enhances the allure of staying at the hotel but also preserves the tranquil atmosphere that guests cherish.ConclusionCrystal Pier is more than just a fishing spot; it is a historical icon that offers a blend of recreational fishing, unique accommodations, and serene oceanic experiences. Whether you are casting a line, enjoying a sunset, or staying in one of the quaint cottages, Crystal Pier provides a memorable experience that captures the essence of coastal living in San Diego.


Crystal Pier, 4500 Ocean Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109, USA


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Closed Due to Damage

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Weights – $1, Hooks – $1, Sabiki – $1 or.Call (858) 336 9064)

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Frozen Squid – $4 or Call (858) 336 9064


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Shortfin Corvina, Yellowtail, Halibut, Surfperch, Pacific Mackerel, Cabezon, Rockfish, Spotted Sand Bass, Cargo, Yellowfin Croaker

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Crystal Pier, 4500 Ocean Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109, USA

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