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The Dumbarton Fishing Pier, running along the southern side of the Dumbarton Bridge, is a prominent fishing destination in the South Bay area. Despite its lesser fame, the pier’s strategic location and T-shaped structure stretching approximately 2000 feet into the bay make it a noteworthy spot for fishing enthusiasts. The pier offers unique challenges and opportunities due to its environmental conditions and the variety of fish that can be caught.Historical BackgroundOriginally built for military purposes, the Dumbarton Fishing Pier has transformed over the years into a popular recreational fishing spot. Its proximity to the Dumbarton Bridge, which is the southernmost bridge spanning San Francisco Bay, enhances its accessibility and appeal, drawing anglers from across the region.Fishing at Dumbarton PierThe pier is renowned for its fair fishing conditions, which can be quite variable depending on the time of year and the tide. The inshore waters are notably shallow with a mud bottom, which can expose a mud flat at very low tides, making fishing challenging during these times. However, during higher tides, the water covers the mud flats, creating better conditions for fishing. Here’s a look at the typical fish caught at the pier and some effective fishing techniques:1. **Sturgeon**: Best targeted during the colder months when these bottom-feeders come into the shallower waters of the bay. Using heavy tackle with baits like herring or anchovies is effective.2. **Striped Bass**: These fish are often lured by using baitfish such as anchovies or by casting lures that mimic small fish. The best times are during moving tides, early in the morning, or late in the evening.3. **Sharks**: Including species like leopard sharks and smoothhound sharks, which can be caught using squid or mackerel as bait on the bottom.4. **Flounder**: These flatfish are often found near the muddy bottom and can be caught using baits such as worms or small fish.5. **Jacksmelt and Smelt**: These smaller fish can be caught using pieces of worm or small jigs, and they often gather in schools around the pier.6. **Bat Rays**: These can be targeted using heavier tackle with squid or fish heads, casting out into deeper waters from the pier.Best Time to FishThe optimal fishing seasons at the Dumbarton Fishing Pier are during the winter and spring when the water levels are more consistent, and migratory fish species increase the variety of potential catches. This period also coincides with some of the best sturgeon and striped bass fishing.Recreational AmenitiesAside from fishing, the pier offers scenic views of the bay, including sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island in the distance, making it not only a great fishing location but also a picturesque spot for relaxation and photography. The large dock also supports activities like crabbing, adding to its recreational appeal.ConclusionThough it may be one of the less famous fishing piers in San Diego, the Dumbarton Fishing Pier offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards for fishing enthusiasts. Its historical significance as a military pier, coupled with the natural beauty and diverse fish population of the area, make it a valuable destination for anyone looking to explore the joys of bay fishing.


Dumbarton Pier, Fremont, CA 94555, USA


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Striped Bass, Barred Surfperch, White Sturgeon, Guitarfish, Starry Flounder, Kingfish, Flatfish, Jacksmelt,

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Dumbarton Pier, Fremont, CA 94555, USA

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