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ort Baker Pier, historically known as the East Fort Baker Mine Wharf and Horseshoe Bay Pier, is nestled in the stunning setting of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in Sausalito, California. Originally built as a military wharf, the pier has seen significant transformations over the years, transitioning from a strategic military site to a peaceful recreational fishing spot.Historical ContextFort Baker’s history is deeply rooted in its military past, having been a pivotal location for the U.S. Army’s Harbor Defense system during World War II. This historical usage included the deployment of submarine mines from the pier, which was crucial for the defense of San Francisco Bay. Following military deactivation, the pier has been redeveloped and maintained as part of the national park, ensuring its preservation and accessibility for public enjoyment.Fishing and Recreational ActivitiesToday, Fort Baker Pier offers a tranquil escape for fishing enthusiasts and sightseers alike. Fishing here does not require a license, which makes it an appealing spot for both casual and avid anglers. The pier is known for its diverse marine life, where anglers can catch various species including perch, flounder, smelt, and rock crabs. These species reflect the rich biodiversity of the bay area, making Fort Baker Pier a favored destination for those looking to engage with nature. Fishing at Fort Baker PierFort Baker Pier is celebrated for its abundant fishing opportunities, drawing anglers for both its accessibility (no fishing license required) and the variety of species it hosts. Here’s a detailed look at what you might catch and how:Pacific Herring: These fish spawn in the bay, usually from January through March. Anglers typically use small hooks with pieces of herring roe or artificial baits to mimic this natural bait.Leopard Shark: Targeted using mid-water rigs baited with squid or anchovies, these sharks are often found near the bottom but can come up to mid-water levels.California Halibut: Best fished with live bait like anchovies or artificial lures dragged along the sandy bottom close to the pier.Striped Bass: Often caught using larger lures or baitfish imitations during their migration periods in spring and fall.Bat Rays and Skates: These are commonly caught with heavier tackle, using squid pieces on the bottom.Dungeness Crab: While primarily a target during the crabbing season (typically November to June), crab pots baited with fish carcasses or squid are effective.Scenic and Cultural AttractionsAside from fishing, Fort Baker Pier provides spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the broader San Francisco Bay, making it a prime location for photographers and tourists. The area around the pier includes several historical army buildings and scenic trails, offering visitors a blend of cultural history and natural beauty.Accessibility and AmenitiesThe pier features accessible parking and is equipped with necessary facilities to ensure a comfortable visit for all. Its proximity to additional attractions within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, including hiking trails and educational programs, enriches the visitor experience, providing more than just fishing opportunities.Fort Baker Pier embodies a seamless blend of historical significance and recreational enjoyment, offering a unique perspective of the San Francisco Bay area’s past and present. Its role in the community continues to evolve, providing a peaceful yet engaging environment for visitors to explore and appreciate.


615 Murray Circle, Sausalito, CA 94965


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Jacksmelt, Sharks, Rays, Flatfish, Perch, Rockfish, Cabezon or Lingcod

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615 Murray Circle, Sausalito, CA 94965

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