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Fort Myers Fishing Pier

The iconic Fort Myers Beach Pier suffered significant damage during Hurricane Ian in September 2022. However, there are promising developments regarding its reconstruction:

  1. Rebuilding Efforts:

The Fort Myers Fishing Pier, located on Old San Carlos Boulevard in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, offers a picturesque setting for anglers and families alike, with its proximity to Sanibel Island enhancing its allure. This pier, stretching into the Gulf of Mexico, is a popular spot for both casual and serious fishermen, providing a variety of fishing experiences and scenic views.

Historical Overview

Fort Myers Fishing Pier has been a central part of the Fort Myers Beach community for many years, serving as a key recreational and fishing spot. The pier has witnessed various transformations and has consistently been a beloved landmark for both locals and tourists.

Fishing Opportunities

The Fort Myers Fishing Pier is known for its abundant fishing, where anglers can catch a wide array of species:

  • Spanish Mackerel: Frequently caught around this area, especially during their migration seasons.
  • Speckled Sea Trout: Available depending on seasonal movements and water conditions.
  • Snook, Redfish (Red Drum), and Flounder are also common catches, offering varied challenges to anglers.

Amenities and Accessibility

The pier is equipped with amenities that make it family-friendly and accessible. It features benches, picnic tables, and a bait shop that provides live bait, tackle, and fishing gear. The pier is designed to be wheelchair accessible, ensuring it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Community and Educational Aspect

Fort Myers Fishing Pier hosts numerous community events and educational programs. These activities aim to enhance the fishing experience and provide learning opportunities about marine life and responsible fishing practices.

Hours of Operation

The pier is open daily from early morning until late evening, with extended hours during the summer months to accommodate more visitors.Fort Myers Fishing Pier remains a vibrant community hub, where fishing enthusiasts and families can enjoy the beautiful Gulf waters and engage in a variety of outdoor activities


Fort Myers Fishing Pier, Old San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, FL, USA


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Fort Myers Fishing Pier, Old San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, FL, USA

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