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Attention, Gulf State Park visitors! Starting Monday, November 13, we’ll begin the long-awaited renovation of the Gulf State Park Pier. This vital project is necessary to repair the damage sustained during Hurricane Sally in 2020. During this renovation, we’ll be rebuilding the 200-foot section that collapsed during Hurricane Sally. The closing includes the pier, parking lot, bathrooms, and the beach accesses (located at the pier) until work is completed. The pier is anticipated to reopen in the summer of 2024.

Historical Overvier

The pier’s history is marked by several reconstructions due to damage from hurricanes, most notably Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Hurricane Sally in 2020. Each event has led to significant enhancements to make the pier more resilient and accessible to visitors. Today, at 1,540 feet long, it’s not only the longest pier on the Gulf of Mexico but also a model of sustainability and engineering designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Fishing Calendar

The Gulf State Park Pier offers year-round fishing opportunities, each season bringing different species into closer proximity to the pier:

  • Spring (March-May): Excellent for catching Spanish mackerel, pompano, and the occasional cobia.
  • Summer (June-August): Prime time for redfish, speckled trout, and king mackerel.
  • Fall (September-November): Ideal for larger redfish, flounder, and king mackerel as they migrate closer to shore.
  • Winter (December-February): Good for sheepshead, whiting, and the occasional redfish.

Main Types of Fish and How to Catch Them

  • Spanish Mackerel: Use shiny spoons or live bait fished fast to attract these aggressive feeders.
  • Pompano: Effective baits include sand fleas and shrimp, fished near the bottom.
  • Cobia: Look for these near the surface, using live crabs or large minnows.
  • Redfish and Speckled Trout: Live bait like mullet or artificial lures such as spoons work well.
  • King Mackerel: Trolling with live bait or large spoons can be very effective.
  • Flounder: Use jigs tipped with shrimp or live minnows fished along the sandy bottom.
  • Sheepshead: Fiddler crabs or oysters near the pier pilings are the best baits.
  • Whiting: Small pieces of shrimp or squid fished on bottom rigs.

Amenities and Features

The pier is equipped with indoor seating areas, a retail store for tackle and souvenirs, and comfort stations along its length. It’s accessible for a fee, with daily, weekly, and annual passes available. Fishing lessons and educational programs are also offered, enhancing the experience for both novice and experienced anglers.

Recreational and Conservation Aspects

Beyond fishing, Gulf State Park Pier is part of a larger park that includes beaches, trails, and picnic areas. The park’s management focuses on environmental conservation, maintaining the natural habitats while providing recreational opportunities.


Gulf State Park Fishing Pier remains a jewel in Alabama’s crown of outdoor attractions, offering extensive fishing opportunities and facilities against the backdrop of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Its robust structure and the variety of fish available make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing the best of sea fishing in the region.


20800 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542, USA


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Open daily 24Hours

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For Gulf State Park Pier rates, check there website or call: (251) 967-3474

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4 Hours: $10.00 All Day: $20.00

Bait Option

For Bait and tackle options, contact Cedar Point Fishing Pier for more informations; (251) 574-7275


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20800 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542, USA

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