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Lynnhaven Fishing Pier

Lynnhaven Inlet Fishing Pier has been Family Owned and Operated since 1956 and is considered by long-time residents to be a local landmark. We are a completely wooden sport fishing pier located on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. We have approx.1480 ft. (1/4 mile) of lighted Pier for fishing, crabbing, and your enjoyment. We provide a convenience store/tackle shop (including a full line of bait and tackle), benches, cleaning stations, modern restroom facilities for your comfort, and we also have a “T” on the end to accommodate more fishermen. We have proudly been serving local residents, families, and tourists for 59 years.


2350 Starfish Rd #1, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA


Operating Hours

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Admission & Pricing

NO RAINCHECKS will be given. Please check the weather carefully prior to planning your visit. Being out on the Pier during inclement weather is not recommended and you do so at your own risk. We are not liable for injury or damage to persons or property at any time; including those persons who fail to follow rules, and/or fail to read posted signage, and/or fail to employ the use of common sense. Admission rates for Fishing/Crabbing/Spectating (Wristband – Come and go all day until Midnight – After Midnight you may stay as long as you want, but you may not leave the premises and return without paying again) Adults Age 12 Years and Older – Spectators & Fishermen: $10.00 Children Age 6-11 Years – Spectators & Fishermen: $6.00 Children 5 Years and Younger – Spectators & Fishermen: FREE Admission Rates for Sightseeing (No Wristband – Approx. 15-20 minutes to Walk Out & Back) Adults Age 12 Years and Older – Sightseeing: $4.00 Children Age 6-11 Years – Sightseeing: $4.00 Children 5 Years and Younger – Sightseeing: FREE Definitions of “Sightseeing” verses “Spectator” “Sightseeing” is for someone who just wants to view the Pier, water, and take a walk out to the end and back in approx. 15 to 20 minutes. You receive no wristband. Once you leave the Pier through the exit gate your “Sightseeing” is over and you may not re-enter without paying again.A “Spectator” is someone who is accompanying other persons that are fishing/crabbing, going out to visit someone fishing/crabbing, or joining a group already on the pier that is fishing/crabbing. “Spectators” are able to come and go through the gate so that they can use the restroom facilities in the building and they are able to leave and come back. “Spectators” pay the same Admission rate as those Fishing/Crabbing.

Rod Rentals

Available at bait and tackle shop

Bait Option

Bait Live Bait Bloodowms Nightcrawlers Frozen Bait Squid Shrimp Finger Mullet Cut Bait in chunks or fillets Silver Sides Clams during Drum season Crabbing bait (typically chicken backs – 2 per package) Artificial Bait Bloodworm Fish Bites Clam Fish Bites Other artificial baits may be available


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2350 Starfish Rd #1, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA

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