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DESTROYED FROM STORM DAMAGE –  In 2018, a study by consultants Moffatt & Nichol found that ongoing structural problems with the aging pier have caused it to reach the end of its useful service life. That study also determined that potentially replacing the pier is the best option for it in the long-term, given the ongoing costs of repairs and the need to modernize the facility, as well as anticipating future sea-level rise. The Ocean Beach Pier, renowned for its status as the longest concrete pier in the world at 1,971 feet, offers more than just fishing—it’s a destination known for its breathtaking sunset views and frequent sea lion sightings. This iconic pier in San Diego has a distinctive architectural design reminiscent of a freeway ramp, leading to a viewpoint that offers expansive vistas of the Pacific Ocean.Historical and Cultural SignificanceSince its construction, the Ocean Beach Pier has served as a vital recreational spot for anglers, tourists, and locals alike. Its cafe and shop enhance the visitor experience, making it a popular spot not just for fishing but also for social gatherings and sightseeing.Damage and ReconstructionIn January 2021, the pier suffered significant damage due to high surf, which battered the structure, resulting in broken railings and other damages. These events led to the closure of the pier by city officials, citing safety concerns and the need for extensive repairs. After a meticulous reconstruction effort, the pier, then 55 years old, reopened in July 2022, restored to its former glory and safe for public enjoyment once again.Fishing and Wildlife ObservationsFor fishing enthusiasts, Ocean Beach Pier provides a variety of fishing opportunities along its half-mile length. Anglers can expect to catch species typical of the Southern California coast, such as mackerel, bass, and halibut, depending on the season and conditions. Additionally, the pier is a fantastic place for observing local wildlife, including the beloved sea lions that are often spotted lounging around the area.Current Use and AmenitiesToday, Ocean Beach Pier continues to attract visitors for its unique combination of natural beauty, recreational fishing, and community activities. The cafe at the end of the pier remains a draw, offering refreshments with a view, while the shop provides souvenirs and fishing gear. The pier’s reopening has been celebrated as a return of a cherished community landmark, enhancing the coastal lifestyle and cultural fabric of Ocean Beach.ConclusionOcean Beach Pier stands as a testament to the resilience and enduring appeal of public waterfront spaces. It remains a beloved fixture of San Diego’s coastal landscape, offering both residents and visitors a place to gather, fish, and immerse themselves in the natural and serene environment of the oceanfront. With its recent repairs, the pier is set to continue its role as a central hub of activity and leisure for years to come.


1850 Ocean Front St, San Diego, CA 92107, USA


Operating Hours

Open Daily 24hours

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FREE Parking Fee: $10/hour

Rod Rentals

$20/per day

Bait Option

contact ocean beach pier bait and tackle shop: (732) 775-0035


Fish Caught

Kelp bass, Sand bass, Several variety of Perch, Bonito, Mackerel, Scorpionfish, California lobster, Yellowtail, Halibut, Sharks.

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1850 Ocean Front St, San Diego, CA 92107, USA

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