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The Oceanside Pier, standing prominently at 300 N Pacific St., Oceanside, CA, is a remarkable landmark approximately 35 miles north of downtown San Diego. Known for its accessibility and striking length of 1,941 feet, it ranks as one of the largest wooden piers in California. The pier operates around the clock, offering a full-day experience for visitors and anglers alike.Fishing at Oceanside PierOceanside Pier is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The structure of the pier allows for different types of fish to be caught in various spots along its length, enhancing the fishing experience with a variety of species likely to be found. Common catches might include:- **Mackerel**: Often caught using shiny lures or pieces of bait on a sabiki rig.- **Surfperch**: Best targeted with worms or small crustaceans near the surf.- **Halibut**: Typically caught with live bait such as anchovies or artificial lures dragged along the bottom.- **Bass**: Can be targeted with lures or live bait near the pilings or deeper water sections.Importantly, no fees are required to fish on the Oceanside Pier, and anglers do not need a California Sport Fishing License to fish from this public pier.Amenities and Recent EventsThe pier hosts a bait and tackle shop, known as Oceanside Pier & Bait, which is centrally located to serve both casual and serious fishers. This shop provides fishing rods for rent and sells various fishing necessities alongside snacks and beverages, enhancing the convenience for visitors spending the day at the pier.Unfortunately, the pier recently suffered a significant setback when a fire on April 26, 2024, caused extensive damage to the restaurant and bait shop located at the pier’s end. Despite recent renovations that included around $5 million spent on electrical and plumbing upgrades, including the fire suppression system, the structures could not be saved.ConclusionThe Oceanside Pier remains a cherished spot for both locals and tourists, offering rich fishing opportunities and beautiful ocean views. While the recent fire is a blow to the pier’s facilities, the community and pier management will likely respond to this challenge as they have in the past, aiming to restore and possibly enhance the pier for future visitors. The pier’s resilience and the enduring popularity of its fishing and recreational offerings ensure that it will continue to be a pivotal part of Oceanside’s coastal charm.


Pier, Oceanside, CA 92054, USA


Operating Hours

Open Daily 24hours

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Rod Rentals

$8/HOUR $35/day

Bait Option

for bait options, call +1 760-722-3936


Fish Caught

smelt, croackers, perch, bass, bonito or mackerel, stingrays or halibut, croakers, guitarfish, sea bass, bonito, mahi-mahi, barracuda and sharks

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Pier, Oceanside, CA 92054, USA

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