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The Point Arena Fishing Pier, extending 332 feet into the Pacific, stands as a premier fishing destination on California’s north coast. Erected in 1983 after a devastating storm obliterated the previous pier, it quickly gained acclaim as a prime spot for anglers, surfers, and nature enthusiasts alike.Fishing Opportunities and Marine LifeThe pier offers a plethora of fishing opportunities without the need for a license, a perk that draws both casual and serious fishermen. The cove’s quiet, wind-protected waters and rocky seabed, with depths ranging from 20 to 100 feet, create an ideal environment for a variety of fish species. Here are some of the fish you might expect to catch:1. **Rockfish**: Found around the rocky bottom, often caught with shrimp, squid, or anchovies.2. **Lingcod**: Targeted with larger jigs or bait that can be dropped into the deeper structures.3. **Cabezon**: These bottom-dwellers respond well to bait such as crabs or large worms.4. **Surfperch**: Can be caught close to shore using baits like sand crabs or artificial grubs.5. **Greenling**: Small jigs or bait like shrimp can be effective near the rocky areas.6. **Halibut**: Found on sandy bottoms, halibut can be tempted with live bait such as sardines or anchovies.Recreational AmenitiesIn addition to fishing, Point Arena Pier provides amenities that cater to a variety of interests. Visitors can find tables and seating for relaxation, bathrooms for convenience, and a launch area for whale watching – a popular activity especially during migration seasons. For those looking to ride the waves, the pier boasts some of the best surf on the north coast, with surfers often spotted in the cove on favorable days.The tranquility of the cove also makes it a perfect place for meditation and enjoying the expansive ocean views. The pier’s accessible location, with free access and parking, only adds to its appeal, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the serene beauty of the California coast.ConclusionPoint Arena Fishing Pier is more than just a structure; it is a gateway to experiencing the natural splendor of the Pacific Ocean. It offers visitors a chance to engage with the marine environment, whether through fishing, surfing, or simply basking in the majestic coastal vistas. With its array of amenities and the welcoming atmosphere of the cove, Point Arena Pier remains an iconic and cherished spot along California’s picturesque shoreline.


810 Port Rd, Point Arena, CA 95468, USA

Operating Hours

6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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For more information, contact Point Arena Cove (707) 882-2583


Fish Caught

Striped seaperch, Kelp greenling, Rock greenling, Cabezon, and Lingcod, Salmon and Crab.

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810 Port Rd, Point Arena, CA 95468, USA

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