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Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, with its well-maintained trails and picturesque fishing pier, is a serene retreat situated in Richmond, California. The park’s fishing pier, established in 1977 and stretching 1,225 feet into the bay, is a public amenity that offers free access to anglers and visitors, without the requirement of a fishing license.Fishing at Point Pinole PierAnglers frequent Point Pinole Pier to cast their lines into the productive waters of San Francisco Bay. The pier, accessible and open to everyone, is an ideal spot for catching various fish species. Common catches might include:1. **Sturgeon**: These bottom-dwelling giants can be targeted with robust gear and heavy bait such as herring or shrimp.2. **Striped Bass**: Fishing for striped bass often involves lures or baitfish like anchovies, with the changing tides providing optimal times to fish.3. **Sharks**: The bay is home to several species of sharks, which can be caught using cut bait or squid.4. **Leopard Shark**: These sharks, which require heavier tackle, are attracted to mackerel or squid.5. **Bat Rays**: Often caught using heavier tackle with squid or mackerel as bait, bat rays offer a spirited fight.6. **Perch**: Using lighter gear, perch can be caught with worms or small jigs near pilings or in shallower waters.Recreational Activities and Natural BeautyAside from fishing, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline boasts a network of well-groomed trails that wind through the park, offering opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and nature exploration. The trails provide not just exercise and fresh air but also sweeping views of the bay and the chance to observe the diverse flora and fauna of the region.Community and Environmental ConsiderationsAs a public space, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline reflects the community’s commitment to conservation and public access to natural resources. Environmental education and sustainability are emphasized to ensure the park remains a pristine environment for future generations to enjoy.ConclusionPoint Pinole Regional Shoreline, with its alluring combination of recreational opportunities, invites visitors to enjoy the splendors of the bay, whether through angling, hiking, or simply soaking in the panoramic views. The park, including its free and accessible fishing pier, represents a valuable community resource, enriching the lives of those who visit and underscoring the importance of preserving such natural treasures.


Point Pinole Pier, Richmond, CA 94806, USA


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White croaker (kingfish), Perch, Flounder, Sole, Jacksmelt, Topsmelt, Skates, Sharks and Bat rays.

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Point Pinole Pier, Richmond, CA 94806, USA

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