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Port View Park Fishing Pier, also known as the 7th Street Pier due to its proximity to the terminus of 7th Street in Oakland, California, offers more than just fishing—it’s a window to the bustling activity of the Port of Oakland and the serene beauty of the bay.Established in 1970, the Portview Pier extends 136 feet into the bay, sporting an octagonal shape that provides a unique 360-degree fishing experience. This design allows anglers to cast their lines in various directions, optimizing their chances of a catch from the waters of the bay, rich in marine biodiversity.The Pier’s Fishing ProspectsAs a favored spot for local anglers, Port View Park Fishing Pier offers a chance to catch a variety of fish, which might include:1. **Striped Bass**: Often found in the bay waters, striped bass can be lured with a range of baits, from live shiners to artificial lures that mimic small fish.2. **Halibut**: This flatfish can be targeted using live bait like anchovies, or with lures dragged along the bottom.3. **Sturgeon**: A more challenging catch due to its size and strength, sturgeon can be caught with baits like herring or eel.4. **Sharks and Rays**: These might be encountered by those fishing with heavier tackle and bait like squid or mackerel.5. **Perch**: Using smaller hooks and bits of worm or shrimp, anglers can enjoy catching a variety of perch species.6. **Flounder**: Similar to halibut, flounder can be tempted with baitfish presented near the sandy bottom.Community and RecreationThe pier’s location next to the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park allows visitors to enjoy not just fishing but also picnicking, bird watching, and taking in the views of the bay and the city skyline. It’s a spot where one can witness the impressive coming and going of massive cargo ships, adding a dynamic backdrop to any fishing trip.Environment and AccessibilityThe octagonal design is particularly inclusive, offering multiple angles for fishing, which is especially helpful during peak times when the pier can get crowded. Moreover, this design ensures that the interior section of the pier is open, enhancing accessibility for all anglers.ConclusionThe Port View Park Fishing Pier is a small yet significant part of the local community, providing a recreational space for anglers, families, and anyone looking to appreciate the natural and industrial sights of the bay area. With its intriguing design and the variety of fish available, it stands as a testament to the area’s rich maritime culture and the simple joys of fishing. Whether one is casting a line into the water, watching the vibrant port activity, or simply enjoying the panoramic views, the pier offers an authentic slice of life on the bay.


Port View Park Fishing Pier, Oakland, CA 94607, USA


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Open Daily 5am-10pm

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Jacksmelt, Kingfish, Bat rays, Shinerperch, Dwarfperch, Mudsucker, Small bullhead, Small sculpins, Sharks

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Port View Park Fishing Pier, Oakland, CA 94607, USA

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