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Sunflower Fishing Pier was destroyed by Hurricane Ian in 2022 and it looks like the family owned pier will not be able to rebuild the fishing pier section at this time. Here is their response:

Will the pier be extended / how long will the pier be / will there be fishing upon opening?
A: We talked for a long time (and still do) about how to rebuild the pier. It hopefully comes to no surprise that piers are incredibly expensive. And it’s not the initial cost that’s tough to fork the cash out for. It’s the amount of time, money, and risk it takes to maintain and insure them. Insurance for our current pier (just the property coverage) is hundreds of thousands of dollars. It costs $10-15,000 per year to get a qualified inspection of the piling. Then it can cost tens of thousands more per piling to replace them depending on where they are in the water.
That said, we will open back up to about half of the length that we used to be (about 500 feet). We only built back to about where the bait shop used to be. And we did it with the knowledge that Crabby Joe’s (the restaurant) is what funds our ability to rebuild Sunglow Pier back east. So we have plans to rebuild the fishing pier in the nearest possible future we can.

One other comment that comes up a lot is why we wouldn’t (woodn’t) build out of concrete. The short answer is: time and money. To build a concrete pier would cost 8-10 times more than wood. We’ve done concrete for the first 250 feet or so where we can sink piling from the beach which is less expensive. But once you have to get into the ocean you’re needing to hire a lift-barge to float from Jacksonville to Daytona for potentially months. Whereas the wood piling we’re able to sink and connect from the deck of the pier using a special crane. For reference, Flagler Beach is redoing their pier (with funding from the State) to the tune of $14 million dollars (and the budget keeps increasing). It’s an 18-month project. That just wasn’t something we could chew off in the midst of rebuilding seawalls, running all new utilities, etc.
We’d love nothing more than to have been able to cut the check and be back to 1000 feet like we were. But if we had to do that, the pier would be likely owned by a corporate company like many other piers. And it wouldn’t be Crabby Joe’s, it’d be a carnival over the ocean focused

Past History:

Sunglow Fishing Pier, a historic landmark along the shores of Daytona Beach, Florida, has been a beloved destination for anglers and beachgoers alike since its inception in 1960. With a storied past and a resilient spirit, this iconic pier has weathered the storms of time, both literal and figurative, to stand as a testament to the enduring allure of fishing on Florida’s eastern coast.Constructed in 1960, Sunglow Fishing Pier originally spanned an impressive 818 feet, offering anglers ample space to cast their lines into the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, the pier has undergone numerous renovations and enhancements, as the forces of nature have taken their toll on its sturdy framework. From the battering winds of hurricanes to the relentless erosion of the shoreline, Sunglow Fishing Pier has stood firm in the face of adversity, a beacon of resilience amidst the ever-changing coastal landscape.During the tumultuous passage of Hurricane Matthew, a powerful storm that swept through the region, Sunglow Fishing Pier sustained significant damage, with 130 feet of its end section being destroyed beyond the covered seating area. Despite this setback, the pier remained steadfast in its commitment to providing anglers with access to the rich bounty of the sea.In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, plans were set in motion for the rebuilding of Sunglow Fishing Pier, with a vision to restore its former glory and ensure its continued presence as a cherished landmark along the Daytona Beach coastline. As fishermen eagerly await the pier’s restoration, they continue to cast their lines from its weathered planks, undeterred by the changing tides and shifting sands.One of the unique features of Sunglow Fishing Pier is its dynamic relationship with the tides, which play a pivotal role in shaping the fishing experience for anglers. During low tide, the end of the pier may find itself high and dry, with the waterline receding far into the distance. However, as the tide rolls in, the pier transforms into a bustling fishing hotspot, with depths of roughly 7 feet at its end, teeming with marine life.Despite the challenges posed by fluctuating tides and unpredictable weather patterns, anglers continue to flock to Sunglow Fishing Pier in search of their next big catch. During high tide, fishermen have reported success in landing several prized species, including whiting and sheepshead, whose silvery scales glint in the sunlight as they dart through the crystal-clear waters below.As plans for the reconstruction of Sunglow Fishing Pier take shape, anticipation builds among anglers and locals alike, eager to once again cast their lines from its storied planks and witness the timeless beauty of Daytona Beach unfold before their eyes. With each passing tide, Sunglow Fishing Pier stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, a testament to the enduring bond between man and sea, and a testament to the enduring spirit of the Daytona Beach community.


3701 South Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118-720


Operating Hours

Sunrise to 10pm

Admission & Pricing

Adult Fishing – $7.00
Children under 12 – $3.00
Adult Sightseeing – FREE
Child Sightseeing – FREE
Ten Day Fishing Pass – $40.00
3 Month Fishing Pass – $75.00
6 Month fishing Pass – $125.00
Annual Fishing Pass – $175.00

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Bait Option

Frozen Shrimp – $3.25
Frozen Squid – $3.99
Frozen Mullet – $3.25


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Spanish Mackeral
Sheep’s Head

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3701 South Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118-720

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