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Tidelands Park Fishing Pier in Morro Bay, California, provides an excellent spot for both novice and experienced anglers to enjoy a day of fishing. Situated at the southern end of the Embarcadero, this park and pier offer a unique blend of natural beauty and fishing opportunities within the shelter of Morro Bay.

Historical Context

Tidelands Park is an integral part of Morro Bay, known for its scenic views and recreational activities. The park and its fishing pier are popular among locals and visitors, providing a peaceful environment for fishing, picnicking, and observing local wildlife.

Fishing Calendar

Spring (March-May)

  • Halibut: Best caught using live bait such as anchovies or artificial lures mimicking small fish.
  • Striped Bass: Responds well to baitfish imitations or live bait during their migration.

Summer (June-August)

  • Mackerel: Abundant in summer, caught using shiny lures or feather jigs.
  • Leopard Shark: Can be targeted with squid or mackerel pieces on the bottom.

Fall (September-November)

  • Rockfish: Bottom fishing with jigs or live bait around the kelp beds.
  • Lingcod: Aggressive predators that strike on larger lures or baitfish.

Winter (December-February)

  • Surfperch: Effective with small grubs or sandworms fished in the surf.

Main Types of Fish and How to Catch Them

  • Halibut: Use a Carolina rig with live bait or bounce a jig off the sandy bottom to mimic small fish.
  • Striped Bass: Cast lures that imitate local baitfish or use live bait under a bobber near the water surface.
  • Mackerel: Toss small, shiny lures or jigs rapidly to attract these active fish.
  • Leopard Shark: Fish near the bottom using heavy tackle with mackerel or squid as bait.
  • Rockfish and Lingcod: Drop jigs or bait near structure or kelp beds; lingcod prefer larger offerings.
  • Surfperch: Fish the surf line with light tackle using sandworms or synthetic baits.

Recreational and Conservation Aspects

Tidelands Park is not only a fishing destination but also offers facilities for various family-friendly activities, including a playground and ample picnic areas. The park’s layout encourages visitors to enjoy the natural environment while preserving the local ecosystem.

Future Developments

Plans for enhancing Tidelands Park include improving accessibility and adding more amenities to enrich visitor experience, ensuring the park remains a welcoming space for all to enjoy the natural and recreational benefits of Morro Bay.Tidelands Park Fishing Pier stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to providing accessible outdoor recreation and preserving the natural beauty of Morro Bay. Whether you’re casting a line into the bay or enjoying a peaceful picnic, Tidelands Park offers a beautiful setting that underscores Morro Bay’s charm and environmental ethos.


351 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA 93442, USA


Operating Hours

OPEN DAILY: 6:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Admission & Pricing


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Fish Caught

Bass (including Spotted Bay Bass and Sand Bass)
Perch (such as Barred Surfperch and Walleye Surfperch)
Croaker (including California Corbina and Yellowfin Croaker)
Shark (various species)
Ray (such as Bat Ray)
Smelt (including Jacksmelt)
Flatfish (such as Sole and Flounder)

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351 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA 93442, USA

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