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Tony Saprito Fishing Pier

Tony Saprito Fishing Pier, located in Sarasota, Florida, has recently undergone significant renovations to improve its facilities and fishing experience.

Overview of Tony Saprito Fishing Pier

The Tony Saprito Fishing Pier, situated at the northeastern end of the John Ringling Causeway, is a well-known spot for local anglers and visitors. The pier has seen extensive upgrades, including the installation of a new concrete deck, ADA-compliant railings, benches, and modern lighting, ensuring a more comfortable and accessible fishing experience.

Fishing Opportunities

The pier offers a variety of fishing opportunities throughout the year:

  • Snook: Often caught in the warmer months, snook can be targeted using live bait like shrimp or small fish.
  • Tarpon: Available during their migration in late spring and early summer.
  • Sheepshead: Best caught in the cooler months, using fiddler crabs or shrimp near structures.

Renovation and Amenities

The recent $1.4 million renovation has not only improved the structural integrity of the pier but also enhanced its overall aesthetics and functionality. New amenities such as cleaning stations and additional seating areas have been added to cater to the needs of all visitors.  Also new concrete deck and pilings. Caps and light poles were retrofitted. Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant railings were installed.

Recreational and Community Value

With its strategic location and upgraded facilities, the Tony Saprito Fishing Pier serves as a valuable community resource, offering scenic views of Sarasota Bay and a peaceful environment for fishing and relaxation.  This pier is located inside the Ernest “Doc” Werlin and Dr. Eloise Werlin Park.  Who shared forty wonderful years together. During their professional lives, Eloise was a clinical psychologist and Doc was an investment banker. In retirement, Doc and Eloise embraced Sarasota, especially its cultural activities and sense of community. After Doc’s beloved Eloise died of breast cancer, it was important to him that her life be memorialized therefore he created the Eloise Werlin Park. He wanted a space where children could play and families could come together. Doc was also interested in having his park serve Sarasota’s philanthropic efforts. He hosted fundraisers for many causes here, including the fight against cancer. Doc’s hope is that Eloise Werlin Park will continue to provide happiness to all of its visitors for generations to come.The renaming of the Eloise Werlin Park, as the ‘Ernest “Doc” and Eloise Werlin Park’, was in recognition of Doc’s commitment, hard work, and leadership in visualizing beautifying, and promoting this park.


Eloise Werlin Park, Sarasota, FL, USA


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Eloise Werlin Park, Sarasota, FL, USA

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