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Bond’s Dock Fishing Pier, located in Stratford, Connecticut, exemplifies a notable blend of historical significance and modern-day recreational utility. Originally named for John Bond, who established a notable training quarter for boxers, the site has transitioned over the years into a prominent fishing and recreational spot on Shore Road, north of Mac’s Harbor.Historical BackgroundThe dock itself carries a legacy of being the original landing site for Puritan settlers in Stratford, marking it as a place of considerable historical importance. This area served as a foundation for the community, with its strategic location making it a hub for early settlers and, later, for sports and recreation enthusiasts. Over the years, Bond’s Dock evolved from a functional landing site into a space for leisure and community gatherings.Transition to a Recreational SiteIn the early to mid-20th century, the area around Bond’s Dock began to see a transformation. The connection to figures like Jack Johnson and John L. Sullivan speaks to its use as a training site for boxers, tying it to a broader narrative of American sports history. However, as the decades passed, the focus shifted from professional training to public recreation, with fishing becoming a primary activity.Fishing at Bond’s DockToday, Bond’s Dock is primarily known for its fishing pier, which attracts anglers from across the region. The pier offers access to a variety of fish species, which can be caught year-round. However, the fishing experience at Bond’s Dock is unique due to its challenging conditions:- **Strong Currents:** The location of the dock at the mouth of a harbor means that water flows can be strong and unpredictable, which affects fish movements and can challenge even experienced anglers.- **Boat Traffic:** The proximity to Mac’s Harbor also means there is significant boat traffic, which can disrupt water conditions and affect fish behavior, making strategic casting and timing crucial for success.Types of Fish and TechniquesThe variety of fish available from Bond’s Dock is quite diverse, reflecting the rich marine ecosystem of Long Island Sound. Common species include:- **Striped Bass:** Known for their strength and size, striped bass are a popular target for sports fishermen. Effective techniques include using live bait such as eels or bunker, or casting lures that mimic small fish.- **Bluefish:** These aggressive predators are known for their fierce bite and fight. Anglers often use strong-smelling baits like mackerel or artificial lures that create a lot of movement in the water to attract them.- **Flounder:** Bottom fishing techniques, using baits such as worms or small fish, work well for flounder, which tend to stay close to the seabed.Conservation and Community InvolvementThe management of Bond’s Dock incorporates efforts to maintain the ecological balance of the area while providing recreational opportunities. Conservation measures are in place to ensure sustainable fishing practices, and local anglers are encouraged to participate in fish population management initiatives. This includes catch-and-release programs, seasonal fishing restrictions, and community-led clean-up events to preserve the natural beauty and health of the harbor area.Economic and Social ImpactThe pier not only serves as a recreational spot but also plays a significant role in the local economy by attracting tourists and fishing enthusiasts, contributing to the economic vitality of Stratford. Socially, it acts as a gathering place where community ties are strengthened through shared activities and events, reinforcing the pier’s role as a valuable community asset.ConclusionBond’s Dock Fishing Pier stands as a testament to the adaptive reuse of historical sites, transforming from a historical landing area and training ground for famed athletes into a beloved fishing spot that balances recreational use with conservation and community engagement. Its rich history and modern utility make it a cherished landmark, offering both locals and visitors a chance to engage with the natural and cultural heritage of Stratford.


638 Selbys Pond Rd, Stratford, CT 06615


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OPEN DAILY: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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Rock Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Stripers. Common Carp, Northern Pike

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638 Selbys Pond Rd, Stratford, CT 06615

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