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Cedar Point Fishing Pier Alabama

Historical Context

Cedar Point Fishing Pier, located on Mobile Bay in Alabama, has been a significant part of the local fishing community for decades. Originally built to support both recreational and commercial fishing, the pier’s history is deeply intertwined with the maritime culture of the region. The area around Mobile Bay has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century, with the pier itself becoming a focal point for local anglers and visitors.

Development and Significance

In its early years, Cedar Point Fishing Pier was constructed primarily as a wooden structure extending into the productive fishing waters of Mobile Bay. The strategic location of the pier provided access to a wide variety of fish species, which attracted both local and visiting fishermen. Over the years, the pier underwent several expansions and improvements to better serve the growing number of visitors. These included extending the pier further into the bay to reach deeper waters and adding amenities such as bait shops, restrooms, and seating areas.

Community and Cultural Impact

The pier has played an essential role in the local community, not just as a fishing spot but also as a social gathering place. Fishing tournaments, community events, and family outings have made Cedar Point Fishing Pier a beloved landmark in the region. The pier has supported local businesses, from bait shops to restaurants, by drawing tourists and providing a steady stream of customers.

Environmental and Structural Challenges

Cedar Point Fishing Pier has faced numerous challenges over the years, particularly from natural events such as hurricanes and severe storms. These events have caused significant damage, requiring extensive repairs and rebuilding efforts. Despite these challenges, the community’s dedication to the pier has ensured its continued existence and resilience. Notable efforts include reconstruction after hurricanes, with improvements focused on enhancing the pier’s durability and safety.

Recent Enhancements

In recent years, Cedar Point Fishing Pier has seen substantial restoration efforts aimed at preserving its historical significance while modernizing its facilities. These efforts have included reinforcing the pier’s structure with more durable materials, improving lighting for night fishing, and adding new amenities such as fish cleaning stations and upgraded seating areas. The pier’s management has focused on maintaining accessibility for all visitors, ensuring that the pier remains a premier fishing destination on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

Family Legacy and Ownership

The Cedar Point Fishing Pier was under the ownership of a local family for decades, contributing significantly to its charm and community-centric atmosphere. This long-standing family ownership came to an end in 2021 when the pier was sold to Mobile County. The sale marked the end of an era but also opened new possibilities for the pier’s future under county management. The new ownership aims to preserve the legacy while implementing further improvements to enhance the pier’s appeal and functionality. This transition was seen as a move to ensure the pier’s sustainability and continued service to the community.

Key Historical Moments

The Cedar Point Fishing Pier has witnessed several significant historical events and changes. Initially, the pier was a simple structure but grew over time to accommodate more anglers and provide better facilities. The pier became particularly notable in the mid-20th century, attracting a growing number of tourists to Mobile Bay. The 1960s and 1970s saw a boom in recreational fishing, and Cedar Point Fishing Pier was at the heart of this activity.

One of the most impactful events in the pier’s history was Hurricane Frederic in 1979, which caused considerable damage. The community’s resilience shone through as they came together to rebuild and restore the pier. Further enhancements in the late 20th and early 21st centuries ensured that the pier continued to meet modern standards while retaining its historical charm.

In November 2021, the pier’s legacy entered a new chapter when it was sold to Mobile County. This sale ended decades of family ownership but was motivated by a desire to secure the pier’s future and allow for continued public enjoyment and enhancement. The transition to county ownership has been seen as a positive step, ensuring that Cedar Point Fishing Pier remains a treasured part of Alabama’s coastal attractions.

Winter Repairs and Renovations

As in previous years, Cedar Point Pier was closed for the winter months, and Mobile County used that time for repairs, stabilization, and operations planning. Repairs and renovations to the Pier over the winter closure included the removal of unstable, worn structures, temporary stabilization around the bulkhead, grading of the parking area, and the completion of necessary electrical work. The work performed is designed to enhance the safety and stability of the Pier and the safety of visitors enjoying the property.

Two temporary trailers have been placed on the property. One is a restroom trailer, and the other will be used as the park office. These trailers, which can be removed in the event of an approaching hurricane, will be replaced in the near future by permanent trailers. Gravel has been added to the landscape, and parking has been improved. Additional improvements, which will be implemented over time, are being planned for the pier and surrounding areas.

The practice of not requiring a saltwater fishing license for Alabama residents to fish from Cedar Point Pier continues. Previous rules remain in place, such as a ban on cast nets and crabbing, radios/loud music, open flames, firearms, and pets on the pier. In accordance with Mobile County Parks’ System rules, alcohol is not allowed.

No admission fees will be charged during Cedar Point Pier’s first season as a Mobile County park. Cedar Point Pier will be open 24 hours. Sales of ice, snacks, bait, and fishing supply sales will be offered in future seasons.

Fish Species and Fishing Techniques

The waters around Cedar Point Fishing Pier are rich with a variety of fish species. Here are some of the common species and the techniques used to catch them:

1. Redfish (Red Drum)

Techniques: Use live bait such as shrimp or mullet, or artificial lures like soft plastics and spoons. Fish near structures and during tidal changes.

Best Months: Year-round, with peaks in spring and fall.

2. Speckled Trout (Spotted Seatrout)

Techniques: Use live bait such as shrimp or small fish, or artificial lures like topwater plugs and jigs. Fish during early morning or late evening near grassy flats and drop-offs.

Best Months: April to October.

3. Flounder

Techniques: Use live bait such as minnows or shrimp, or artificial lures like jigs tipped with bait. Fish near sandy or muddy bottoms and around structures.

Best Months: May to September.

4. Spanish Mackerel

Techniques: Use live bait such as small fish or shrimp, or artificial lures like spoons and jigs. Fish near schools of baitfish and during moving tides.

Best Months: March to November.

5. Sheepshead

Techniques: Use live bait such as fiddler crabs or shrimp. Fish near pilings, rocks, and other structures where they feed on crustaceans.

Best Months: January to April, and October to December.

6. Pompano

Techniques: Use live bait such as sand fleas or shrimp, or artificial lures like jigs. Fish near sandy bottoms and during rising tides.

Best Months: April to September.

7. King Mackerel

Techniques: Use live bait such as menhaden or blue runners, or artificial lures like spoons and large plugs. Fish in deeper waters and during moving tides.

Best Months: May to October.

Month Redfish Speckled Trout Flounder Spanish Mackerel Sheepshead Pompano King Mackerel


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King Mackerel
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