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Morro Bay, ideally situated on the California coast midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, offers a unique fishing experience with its two distinct piers: the Morro Bay South T-Pier and Morro Bay North T-Pier. These piers, while close in proximity and similar in environmental conditions, provide ample opportunities for anglers to enjoy both the serene bay waters and the rich marine life they harbor.Overview of Morro Bay PiersMorro Bay North T-Pier: This pier extends 180 feet into the bay and expands to 400 feet in width at its end, providing a substantial area for fishing and leisure activities. Its structure allows for easy access to the bay’s waters and facilitates various fishing techniques.Morro Bay South T-Pier: Slightly larger than its northern counterpart, the South T-Pier measures 256 feet in length and maintains the same 400-foot width at its terminus. This additional length offers more space for anglers and sightseers alike, enhancing the overall fishing and visiting experience.Morro Bay, with its North and South T-Piers, is a prime spot for pier fishing along the California coast, offering a diverse range of fish species in a picturesque setting. These piers, while close in proximity and offering similar fishing environments, provide ample opportunities for both casual anglers and seasoned fishers to enjoy a fruitful outing.Pier Fishing at Morro Bay1. Rockfish: Commonly found around the pilings and rocky bottoms near the piers, rockfish can be caught using bait such as squid or cut sardines. Anglers often use a bottom rig to keep the bait near the rocky structures where rockfish reside.2. Halibut: This species prefers sandy bottoms close to the shore. Successful halibut fishing typically involves using live bait like anchovies or artificial lures that mimic small fish, dragged along the ocean floor.3. Mackerel: Known for their schooling behavior, mackerel can often be caught using shiny lures or sabiki rigs. Early morning or late afternoon are optimal times as these fish are more active during these periods.4. California Sheephead: These fish are typically found around kelp beds and rocky areas. Effective bait includes shrimp, squid, or mussels. Using a heavier line might help in managing the rocky habitats sheephead prefer.5. Lingcod: Though less common, lingcod can be caught from the pier, especially using jigs or large baits like whole squid or octopus. Lingcod respond well to aggressive jigging techniques near the bottom.6. Leopard Shark: Targeting leopard sharks requires heavier tackle with baits such as mackerel, squid, or anchovies. It’s important to fish near the bottom, as these sharks are generally bottom feeders.Tips for Successful Pier FishingCheck Tidal Movements: Fishing tends to be more productive around high tide and the hours immediately before and after. These periods often bring in cleaner water and active feeding among marine life.Use Appropriate Gear: Depending on your target species, ensure that your gear is suitable. For example, heavier tackle may be needed for larger species like leopard sharks or lingcod.Be Patient and Persistent: Pier fishing can vary greatly day by day. Patience and perseverance often pay off when waiting for bites or trying different spots along the pier.Observe and Learn: Watch more experienced anglers if possible. Many fishing techniques are specific to certain species or conditions and learning from others can enhance your success rate.These tips and insights into the types of fish available can help anyone planning to visit the Morro Bay piers have a more enjoyable and potentially successful fishing experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the piers at Morro Bay provide a tranquil yet exciting fishing adventure.


1185 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA 93442, USA


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Open Daily 24hours

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Rod & Reel Rental: $12.

Tackle Set up: $7.

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Fish Caught

Black Rockcod, Blue Rockcod, Vermilions (REDS), Boccaccio, Olives, Lingcod, Cabazon’s and Greenlings, Variety of perch—blackperch (buttermouth), white seaperch, pileperch, rubberlip seaperch, rainbow seaperch, striped seaperch, calico surfperch, shinerperch, Tuna & Salmon.

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1185 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA 93442, USA

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