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Pier 14 in San Francisco serves as more than just a pedestrian walkway; it’s a notable urban retreat situated between the iconic Bay Bridge and the historic Ferry Building. Erected in 2006, this concrete structure provides a peaceful escape from the bustling city, offering stunning views and a tranquil spot for fishing.Tranquil Setting and Recreational UsePier 14 is celebrated not only for its scenic views of the Bay Bridge but also as a therapeutic spot away from the more crowded tourist destinations. It’s particularly favored by early morning visitors—often referred to as “early morning hustlers”—who seek a serene environment to start their day. The pier’s location and design make it an ideal place for leisurely strolls, reflective moments, and enjoying the panoramic vistas of San Francisco Bay.Fishing at Pier 14As a fishing destination, Pier 14 attracts anglers looking to cast their lines against the backdrop of the Bay Bridge. Here’s a look at potential catches and fishing techniques suitable for this urban pier:1. **Striped Bass**: Common in the bay, these can be caught using bait like anchovies or artificial lures. Early morning or late evening are optimal times for fishing.2. **Halibut**: Targeted with live bait such as sardines or using lures that mimic small fish, halibut fishing requires patience as these fish are often found near the bottom.3. **Sharks**: For those targeting leopard sharks or other species, heavier tackle and baits such as squid or mackerel are recommended.4. **Crabs**: Although not a fish, crabbing is another activity that can be enjoyed from Pier 14, with crab traps often baited with chicken or fish parts.Accessibility and AmenitiesPier 14 is not only a fishing pier but also a fully accessible walkway that offers amenities such as benches where visitors can sit and watch the waves or the city lights. Its design emphasizes openness and accessibility, making it a welcoming space for all, including those seeking a quiet place to meditate or simply take in the views.ConclusionPier 14 stands out as a unique blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. It provides San Franciscans and visitors with a quiet, picturesque setting ideal for fishing, meditating, or enjoying a peaceful start to the day. Its role as a therapeutic space amidst the city’s hustle and bustle highlights its importance not just as a physical structure, but as a vital part of the community’s mental and recreational landscape.


San Francisco, CA 94105, USA


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OPEN DAILY: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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Striped Bass, Chinook Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Rockfish,White Sturgeon, Perch, Sharks, Topsmelt Silverside, Staghorn Sculpin, Bay Pipefish, Starry Flounder, Yellowfin Goby

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San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

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