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APTOS, Calif.— California State Parks today announced a commence work date of March 20, 2023, for the severely damaged pier at Seacliff State Beach following recent historic storms. The demolition is expected to take six weeks and will leave no visible portions of the pier. Attempts will be made to remove items from the pier prior to demolition, including the lifeguard tower and memorial benches.Recent storms destroyed over half of the pier and severely damaged the remaining structure. State Parks, in consultation with structural engineers, assessed the current integrity and condition of the remaining pier structure. The final assessment determined that damage to the pier is extensive, and the remaining structure is in a state of imminent collapse and should be removed as soon as possible.Public access will be limited from the waterline to the bluffs during the demolition work – Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. — to mitigate safety hazards, see graphic below. The visitor center will be open during normal operational hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, and after Memorial Day weekend, seven days a week.California State Parks Provides Seacliff State Beach UpdateSeacliff State Beach pier, located in California, has been a historic and picturesque site since its inception in 1930. This pier extends into the waters of Seacliff State Beach and is closely tied to the fascinating history of the SS Palo Alto, an old ship with a unique past.Historical BackgroundThe SS Palo Alto, often referred to as “The Cement Ship,” is integral to the history of the Seacliff State Beach pier. This concrete ship was originally built as a tanker for the World War I effort but was completed too late to see any war service. In a creative twist during the post-war era, it was purchased and intentionally grounded at Seacliff State Beach in 1929 to serve as an amusement ship. The pier was then constructed to provide access to this unlikely entertainment venue. In its heyday, the SS Palo Alto featured a dance floor, swimming pool, and café—making it a unique attraction.The Evolution of the PierOver the decades, the pier and the SS Palo Alto have faced the natural wearing effects of the ocean and weather. The ship itself has deteriorated significantly and is now partially submerged, serving more as a reef for marine life than as a venue for entertainment. Due to safety concerns and the need for substantial renovations, almost half of the pier is currently closed to the public. Despite these restrictions, the portion of the pier that remains open continues to offer guests and visitors stunning views of the ocean and access to the beach.Fishing and Marine LifeWhile the historical amusement aspects of the SS Palo Alto are no longer functional, the Seacliff State Beach pier is still a notable spot for fishing and observing marine life. Here are six types of fish commonly targeted by anglers at the pier:1. **Striped Bass**: Often found in the surf, these fish can be caught with lures or bait such as bloodworms or anchovies.2. **Surfperch**: Small, colorful fish that can be caught using worms, shrimp, or synthetic baits, particularly around the pilings and surf areas.3. **Halibut**: These flatfish are typically targeted by dragging live bait, such as sardines or squid, along the sandy bottom near the pier.4. **Mackerel**: These fast-moving fish are often caught using shiny lures or small pieces of cut bait.5. **Dungeness Crab**: While not a fish, these crabs are a popular catch and can be trapped near the pier using baits like chicken or fish carcasses.6. **Leopard Shark**: Typically targeted by more experienced anglers using mackerel or squid as bait, these sharks can offer a challenging and rewarding experience.Community and Environmental ImpactSeacliff State Beach pier continues to be a beloved area for both locals and tourists, offering leisure, fishing, and educational opportunities. The presence of the SS Palo Alto adds a unique historical layer, making the pier not just a place for recreational activities but also a living museum of maritime history.ConclusionDespite the challenges and partial closures, Seacliff State Beach pier remains a testament to California’s rich coastal heritage. It provides a blend of recreational fishing, historical intrigue, and natural beauty, making it a cherished destination for anyone visiting the area. The ongoing preservation efforts and the community’s commitment to maintaining its safety and accessibility ensure that it will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.


Seacliff State Beach, State Park Drive, Seacliff, CA, USA


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Seacliff State Beach, State Park Drive, Seacliff, CA, USA

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