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The Venice Fishing Pier, nestled at the end of Washington Boulevard in Marina del Rey, California, is a prominent structure extending into the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles’ Venice District. This pier has a storied history, marked by community involvement, destruction, and subsequent renewal, reflecting its significance not only as a fishing destination but also as a cultural landmark.Historical Overview**Construction and Early Years:**Built in 1963, the Venice Fishing Pier became a favorite locale for both amateur and seasoned anglers. Its strategic location in the bustling Venice District made it accessible and offered ample opportunities for various fishing activities.**Closure and Controversy:**In 1986, the pier faced demolition, leading to its closure, which sparked significant controversy. The local residents of Venice rallied behind the pier, valuing it as an essential part of their community and a key recreational site. Their efforts highlighted the community’s connection to the pier and its importance as a social and recreational hub.**Rebuilding and Restoration:**Acknowledging the community’s concerns, the pier was rebuilt and reopened in 1997. This restoration was a testament to the community’s resilience and their deep ties to the pier. However, the challenges were not over; in 2018, a fire severely damaged the pier’s ramp structure, rendering it less accessible. It underwent another phase of repairs following this incident.**Recent Developments:**The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 further impacted the pier, necessitating its temporary closure. Nevertheless, it was refurbished and reopened in the spring of 2021, ready once again to welcome visitors and fishing enthusiasts.Structural DetailsThe pier measures an impressive 1,310 feet in length and 16 feet in width, supported by 157 vertical concrete piles. These piles, crucial for the structural integrity of the pier, vary in length from about 35 feet to 80 feet and have a diameter of 24 inches each. The design and construction of the pier are engineered to withstand the marine environment of the Pacific Ocean, though it has not been without its need for repairs.Fishing at Venice Fishing Pier**Species to Target:**- **Surfperch:** Commonly found around piers in Southern California, surfperch can be caught using small grubs or worms.- **Halibut:** These fish are often targeted by anglers using live bait such as anchovies or by dragging artificial lures along the ocean floor.- **Mackerel:** A frequent catch at the pier, mackerel responds well to shiny lures and small baits.**Fishing Techniques:**- **Light Tackle Fishing:** Ideal for catching smaller fish species like surfperch, which are abundant around the pier.- **Bottom Fishing:** Effective for targeting halibut, using weighted setups to keep the bait near the sandy bottom.- **Jigging:** Common for mackerel, using shiny jigs that mimic small fish or other prey.Community and Cultural SignificanceThe pier is more than just a place to catch fish; it serves as a vital component of the community’s cultural and social life. The efforts to save and restore the pier over the years underscore its value to the residents of Venice and the broader Los Angeles area. It acts as a testament to the community’s commitment to preserving their local landmarks.ConclusionToday, the Venice Fishing Pier stands not only as a beacon for fishing enthusiasts but also as a symbol of community resilience and cultural heritage. Its history of facing adversities and bouncing back stronger each time is a compelling narrative that resonates with visitors and locals alike. As it continues to attract anglers and tourists, the Venice Fishing Pier remains a cherished icon in the Venice District, embodying the spirit and persistence of its community.


Venice Fishing Pier, Los Angeles, CA 90292, USA

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Open Daily 6am-12am

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FREE ADMISSION Parking Fee: $6

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Pacific sardine, Pacific mackerel, white croaker, jacksmelt, shiner perch, queenfish, jack mackerel, walleye surfperch, yellowfin croaker, queenfish, Pacific bonito, barred surfperch, topsmelt, white seaperch, thornback ray, barred sand bass, black perch, pile perch, Pacific barracuda, California halibut, California corbina, spotfin croaker, California butterfish, shovelnoe guitarfish and California lizardfish.

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Venice Fishing Pier, Los Angeles, CA 90292, USA

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