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The Hermosa Beach Pier, a quintessential feature of the Southern California coast, weaves a rich tapestry of local history and angling tradition. First constructed in 1904, the original wooden pier served as a testament to Hermosa Beach’s early 20th-century charm and became a focal point for the community’s social and recreational activities.Early History and TransformationThe initial wooden structure of the Hermosa Beach Pier was emblematic of the era’s piers, serving the burgeoning beachfront activities that were gaining popularity among the local populace and visitors alike. However, its vulnerability to the natural elements became evident when, in 1913, the pier suffered extensive damage due to forceful waves. In response to this devastation, a decisive move was made to replace the damaged wooden pier with a more resilient concrete structure. This reinvention not only enhanced the pier’s durability but also its utility and appeal.Architectural Enhancements for Community UseIn the spirit of creating a communal space conducive to leisure, small tiled pavilions were constructed at intervals along the pier, providing visitors with shaded areas for fishing and picnicking, which encouraged social gatherings and fostered a strong sense of community. A bait stand was also established out on the end of the pier, enhancing the experience for sport fishermen by offering an advantageous point from which to cast their lines into the deeper waters.The Pier TodayThe modern Hermosa Beach Pier stands as a beloved icon, retaining its historical charm while catering to contemporary needs. The Hermosa Beach Municipal Pier has recently undergone structural repairs and electrical upgrades to maintain its safe public access and functionality. These necessary modifications were aimed at preserving the pier for continued ocean viewing and recreational fishing for the community. The project, essential for the upkeep of the pier due to natural wear from weather and wave action, involved reinforcing the piles, pile caps, and deck It is recognized for its scenic beauty and as a prime location for various leisure activities, including some of the following fishing opportunities:Surfperch: These are typically caught near the shore using light tackle. Baits such as sand crabs, bloodworms, or artificial grubs are effective when fished close to the sandy bottom where surfperch feed.Croaker: These bottom-dwellers are attracted to baits such as mussels and worms. Fishing with a high/low leader and enough weight to keep the bait near the bottom can yield good results.Halibut: Live bait like anchovies, cast or slowly retrieved along the bottom, is a favored method for catching halibut, known for favoring the sandy areas adjacent to the pier.Mackerel: Using small shiny lures or a sabiki rig can be successful for catching these schooling fish, particularly in the mornings or late evenings.Shovelnose Guitarfish and Rays: Squid or mackerel pieces, presented near the bottom, are common baits used to hook these species.Leopard Shark: Fishing for these sharks often involves using heavier tackle with squid or anchovies as bait, placed along the bottom.Fishing Ethics and SustainabilityThe pier remains a testament to ethical fishing practices, with a catch-and-release approach encouraged for certain species to maintain the ecological balance of the coastal waters. This conservation mindset ensures the continued abundance of marine life around the pier, preserving the angling legacy for future generations.Cultural and Recreational SignificanceWith the restoration completed, Hermosa Beach Pier continues to serve as a vital social and recreational venue. Its historical essence, coupled with the opportunity for fishing, beachgoing, and enjoying the coastal lifestyle, makes it a treasured landmark. The pier’s businesses, including bait shops and eateries, extend the utility of this historic structure well into the evening, providing amenities and services that enhance the visitor experience.In summary, Hermosa Beach Pier is not merely a physical structure extending into the ocean; it is a vibrant historical entity that offers a window into the past and a gateway to fishing adventures and seaside enjoyment in the present. Whether one is there to soak in the storied history, engage in recreational fishing, or partake in community events, the pier invites all to experience the enduring charm and appeal of Hermosa Beach.


Hermosa Beach Pier, Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, USA

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OPEN DAILY: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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Mackerel, Perch, Halibut, Bonito, Barracuda, Guitarfish, Corbina, Yellowfin Croaker, Giant Kelpfish, Brown Rockfish, Sand Bass

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Hermosa Beach Pier, Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, USA

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